Our Lawyers Can Clear the Way for Residents to Invest in a Delaware Trust in PA

Are you looking to invest in a Delaware trust? A competent attorney will be able to help you out when it comes to doing just that as they ease the way for you.

Along with the other four states Delaware recognizes domestic asset protection trust as an alternative to offshore trusts. The estate planning attorney at Miller Law Firm PC can assist you in setting up a Delaware trust in Lebanon, PA. They can also help you convert an existing fund under similar clauses and provisions. The lawyer is a tax professional who can legally protect your assets from creditors and put a cap on state taxes. They specialize in the creation of Delaware irrevocable trusts.

Delaware Trust King of Prussia, PA

How a Delaware Trust Works in PA

A Domestic Asset Protection Trust, or DAPT, is among the branches of a Delaware trust. In spite of which states the liens or judgments are filed, the clients residing in different states hold their assets in a Delaware fund  in order to shield their assets from any future attachments of creditors. Amendments in the Pennsylvania law also offer easy protection of your assets and any new DAPT can now be established as a Pennsylvania trust. In the case of an existing Delaware irrevocable trust, they can help you in by adding a trust protector along with the crummey notices and annual maintenance.

Conversion of Trusts

If you have a Delaware trust, or for example an Alaska or Rhode Island trust, it can also be converted into a Pennsylvania trust. The advantage of this move is that a trustee company of a particular state may be stingy with the distribution of payouts, while this helps in having a variety of options and liberty to receive dividends from a specific trustee company of another state.

Trusts and Loopholes

In order to attain charitable and family gifting goals, including tax-favored strategies such as Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT) and Delaware trust with charitable gift components, we suggest clients avoid disposal of assets through their revocable trusts and utilize their trusts through adequate estate planning. This is known as the Delaware Advantage. This is basically how the Delaware trust law has an edge with its variety of tax-efficient and innovative trust strategies. As our attorney himself is a practicing Delaware tax attorney, opting for Miller Law Firm will always keep you one step ahead of your creditors and the tax authorities.

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Miller Law Firm will guide you throughout your Delaware estate planning and also give you tax and accounting tips to keep your creditors at bay. You can give us a call today and schedule a free preliminary consultation. The law offices are located in King of Prussia, PA, Framingham, MA, and Lebanon, PA.

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