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We have years of experience helping individuals map out their estate plans; learn a little more about why hiring an estate planning attorney in Massachusetts is important.

Estate planning is developing a plan to distribute assets after an individual has passed on. Furthermore, it details how an individual’s affairs will be handled should they be unable to make those decisions themselves or effectively communicate them.

Estate planning laws differ between every state, so it’s important to find a licensed trust attorney with specific knowledge of an individual state’s estate planning laws.

Elder law attorneys in MA at Miller Law Firm, PC work hard to ensure clients’ wishes are accurately communicated and followed to the letter of the law. 

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Finding an estate planning attorney in Massachusetts is so important because if not handled correctly, assets may be distributed by a third party without any real knowledge of the deceased individual’s wishes.

Estate planning also clearly outlines the flow of assets and helps families smoothly navigate the process of probate. Probate, a process automatically triggered whenever someone dies, is essentially the process by which someone’s will is validated. 

When there is a clear estate plan in place, the probate process is usually relatively smooth.

However, when there is not an estate plan in place, Massachusetts families must hire a Massachusetts probate attorney to handle the more complicated legal proceedings of determining a personal representative, etc.


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Hire an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in MA

Miller Law Firm, PC has years of experience in legal estate planning and is a certified elder law attorney in Massachusetts. We fight hard to ensure our clients and their families are taken care of and that no assets are overlooked when distributed.

Life can happen at any time, and it’s never too early to start planning your estate.

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