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Miller Law Firm, PC is founded and managed by a skilled asset protection attorney who is always ready to help individuals protect their wealth from creditors, divorce, lawsuits, and inheritance tax.

Do you believe that it is too early to discuss with an estate planning attorney and start planning an asset protection strategy? Unfortunately, your wealth is never safe – especially during these troubled times. Lawsuits happen every day, for the most trivial reasons. Divorces split families that seemed to have found their happily ever after. And the lack of financial predictability we live in may cause you to get in debt and have creditors knocking on your door. None of these issues would have severe consequences if you start talking with an asset protection attorney now.

What Exactly Can an Asset Protection Lawyer Do for You?

Any asset you own may be subject to seizure as a result of a divorce or court judgment unless it is protected by being placed in an irrevocable trust. The trust, according to Pennsylvania Code Chapter 77 §7732, is legally created if it meets specific conditions. An asset protection attorney will make sure that your trust:

  • Meets the criteria set by the law
  • Is a faithful expression of your wishes
  • Contains clear, specific wording that protects your assets from seizure, even as a result of the US Court ruling

The trust will eliminate your ability to control and dispose of the assets but you will still be able to use them. 

Who May Need an Asset Protection Attorney?

You may believe that only the rich and famous need the services of an asset protection law firm. However, any individual can benefit from legal assistance if:

  • They own their home
  • They run a business as a sole proprietor
  • They wish to pass heirlooms to their children

An asset protection attorney can make sure that your children will not have their inheritance diminished should you divorce and remarry. Also, any nonmarital property that increases in value (Pennsylvania Code Chapter 35 § 3501 (a.1)) is not subject to division between spouses after a divorce.

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Steve was great from start to finish. We were looking ahead for our families future and knew we had to call Steve. Steve broke everything down in plain terms, which helped me and wife decide which way to go. I would recommend Steve to any...

21st August 2020

Legal dispute

Very satisfied by results. More then willing to recommend to anyone!! Open communication and prompt call backs.

3rd June 2020

What a relief!

Mr. Miller's help and service were very professional and much needed. Having financial, personal, and medical issues resolved for the future is a relief to us and a reassurance to our heirs and loved ones.

30th May 2020

Great help with estate planning

Steve did a great job of helping us with our estate planning. He gave us options and explained how each one would fit our situation. Once we decided how we wanted our estate set up, he was quick to follow up and get things in place. ...

22nd April 2020

A true humanitarian among attorneys.

Before entering elderly law. Steven was instrumental in supporting and guiding me in my discrimination suite against my employer. I have a disease called Meniere's disease, which causes cases of uncontrolled vertigo. I was hired by a rather...

8th October 2019

Highly Recommend

We entrusted Steven Miller Esq. to handle our Will and Estate planning. I would highly recommend him.

20th October 2017

Rising Star in The Lancaster, PA Area

Handled a real estate closing for us, expedited it quickly and efficiently. Attorney Miller is Well informed, professional and has a very nice demeanor I would recommend him for any legal proceeding. Very honest with a wonderful temperament...

21st January 2015

Great experience.

I hired Steve do defend a consumer credit matter that was dubious from the start.
He was knowledgeable and the case was successful along the lines he predicted.
I would definitely hire Steve again.

19th January 2015

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