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Do you believe that it is too early to discuss with an estate planning attorney and start planning an asset protection strategy? Unfortunately, as any certified elder law asset protection estate attorney knows, your wealth is never safe – especially during these troubled times. 

Lawsuits happen every day for the most trivial reasons. Divorces split families that seemed to have found their happily ever after. And the lack of financial predictability we live in may cause you to get into debt and have creditors knocking on your door. None of these issues will have severe consequences if you start talking with an asset protection lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the law now. 

What Exactly Can an Asset Protection Lawyer Do for You?

Any asset you own may be subject to seizure as a result of a divorce or court judgment unless it is protected by being placed in an irrevocable trust. The trust, according to Pennsylvania Code Chapter 77 §7732, is legally created if it meets specific conditions. An asset protection estate attorney will make sure that your trust: 

  • Meets the criteria set by the law
  • Is a faithful expression of your wishes 
  • Contains clear, specific wording that protects your assets from seizure, even as a result of the US Court ruling 

As your asset protection lawyer will explain in detail, the trust will eliminate your ability to control and dispose of the assets, but you will still be able to use them.  

Who May Need an Asset Protection Lawyer?

You may believe that only the rich and famous need the services of an asset protection law firm. However, any individual can benefit from legal assistance if: 

  • They own their home 
  • They run a business as a sole proprietor 
  • They wish to pass heirlooms to their children 

An asset protection attorney can make sure that your children will not have their inheritance diminished should you divorce and remarry. Also, any non-marital property that increases in value (Pennsylvania Code Chapter 35 § 3501 (a.1)) is not subject to division between spouses after a divorce. 

Also, an asset protection trust attorney can help individuals with significant assets to protect and at high risk of being sued, such as:

  • Business owners
  • Doctors
  • Other lawyers
  • People in high-liability professions, such as consultants, accountants, and stock brokers.

Additionally, those who have significant assets and want to minimize their tax liability in a legal way need an asset protection attorney to help them create strategies to reduce taxes and implement them.

In conclusion, the reality is that anyone can benefit from consulting with an asset protection attorney, as this specialist can provide insight into protecting assets in the event of unforeseen circumstances or legal issues.

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