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Miller Law Firm, PC is owned by an expert Medicaid legal services lawyer specializing in family law, life care planning, and Medicaid planning with a focus on finding the best solutions for the clients.

An experienced and thoughtful elder law attorney is your best ally in making adequate arrangements for long-term care. Maybe you have already heard about other families crippled with exorbitant bills for nursing care for an elderly or chronically ill relative. Start planning ahead for your own future. Our practice is here to help you with Medicaid planning.

Since healthcare is becoming increasingly more expensive, millions of Americans are relying on Medicaid, the state-administered health coverage fund for eligible low-income individuals. However, the rules for eligibility are very complex and strict and they are very difficult to understand by the average person, especially when it comes to elderly law Medicaid planning. 

This is why you will need the guidance of a Medicaid specialist attorney.

With Medicaid planning, you can prepare for long term care without worrying about the costs.

The Importance Of Planning Long-Term Care With A Medicaid Attorney

To apply for Medicaid, you must complete an application and provide proof of income, citizenship or legal residency, and other relevant information. You may also need to provide documentation of any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect your eligibility. Failing to qualify for one single element will get your application rejected. Also, failing to disclose an asset or source of income you were not aware you should have declared may lead to prosecution. This is where a Medicaid planning attorney steps in. 

The lawyer will talk to you and inquire about all the types of incomes and assets you and your spouse hold. Based on the finding, the Medicaid attorney will make recommendations and explain what options you have. Senior applicants can also enlist the help of a specialized elder law Medicaid attorney.

Achieving Eligibility Criteria: Explained By a Medicaid Planning Lawyer

Our practice is licensed to help clients with Medicaid planning in the states of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Each state has its own specific eligibility criteria for applicants. However, the financial eligibility criteria are quite similar:

  • Monthly income of maximum $2,349 per month
  • Maximum $2,000 in cash/non-exempt assets

The Medicaid planning lawyer will help you restructure your assets so that you qualify for coverage. Among others, our practice may advise you to:

  • Transfer the title of your home to your children/other beneficiaries
  • Offer your assets as gifts to family members
  • Pre-pay funeral expenses
  • Create an irrevocable trust

As we said earlier, the eligibility criteria for Medicaid can be complex, so it's important to consult with a qualified Medicaid planning attorney if you have questions about the application process.

An Experienced Medicaid attorney will ensure that you and your spouse have an assured future.

Rely On Our Experience In Medicaid Planning Services

Miller Law Firm, PC is owned by Steven D.W. Miller, an expert family law and elder care law attorney offering professional assistance and years of experience helping people navigate the complexities of Medicaid family planning. 

Steve's passion for elder care stems from his recognition of a significant gap in the protection of elders' legal interests. As a Medicaid lawyer, Steve’s primary focus is to help clients plan for the future to ensure the protection of their loved ones and their own legacies.

As a member of nationally-recognized professional organizations like Wealth Counsel and Elder Counsel, Steve is committed to delivering premier Medicaid planning services and elder care service. He is also a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, along with the Pennsylvania and Massachusetts chapters.

Miller Law Firm’s services are available for clients in King of Prussia, PA, and nearby areas. If you’re looking for the best Medicaid lawyer in PA, our specialist is the answer. 

No more googling “certified Medicaid lawyer near me.” Get in touch at 855-936-3886 today.

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