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If you have to settle someone’s estate, you’ll need the services of an estate administration lawyer. The Miller Law Firm can help you to navigate the process as efficiently as possible.

Estate administration can be a complex undertaking. If you have been appointed as the executor of a loved one’s estate, you may be unsure about what needs to happen following their death. You’ll need to hire a probate attorney to assist you in carrying out the instructions in your loved one’s will. An estate administration lawyer will guide you in the process of gathering assets, paying debts, filing tax returns, and ensuring beneficiaries get their inheritance promptly.

What is Estate Administration? How Can I Handle It?

Estate administration involves gathering all of a deceased individual’s assets and distributing them either according to their will or the state’s intestacy laws. Assets include real estate, stocks, bonds, and insurance policies.  

When all the deceased person’s assets are accounted for and approved by the court and the beneficiaries, your estate administration attorney will begin distributing the estate. Any outstanding debts the individual had have to be paid by the estate. The laws governing estate distribution are covered by Pennsylvania’s Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code and Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.

The death of a close relative or friend is a difficult, highly emotional experience. Taking on the responsibility of settling their affairs makes it even harder. When you need to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out and your rights are protected, estate administration services are well worth the cost. The Miller Law Firm, PC can provide the expert guidance you need during this difficult time.

Estate Administration

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If you choose to work with our estate administration attorney, we’ll ensure that the process is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll help you to distribute the assets fairly among the beneficiaries and resolve any issues that arise with creditors. We’ll also advise you on how to handle tax matters. Our goal is to relieve some of the burden on your shoulders so you can focus on healing.

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