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Miller Law Firm PC was founded by an experienced elder law attorney who is dedicated to helping senior citizens make living wills, plan their estate and enjoy a comfortable golden age.

If you’re looking for an elder law firm in Pennsylvania, we can send an experienced elder law attorney to ensure that your wishes are respected and that your beneficiaries are taken care of. 

Senior citizen legal services provided by an experienced local elder care attorney are critical to find before it’s too late. After all, if an individual is no longer able to make decisions, finding a respected, trustworthy certified elder law attorney will give them peace of mind. 

The experts at Miller Law Firm have the experience you need and the integrity you want. We are legal advocates for the elderly and their estate, and our law firm has represented the rights of hundreds of those in the aging population, and we’re here to help you, too.

What Are Elder Law Services?

Elder law is essentially senior citizen legal services. Legal issues surrounding property rights, assets, and end-of-life services can be handled with professionalism and according to local law by an attorney from an elder law office.

A local elder law attorney is a legal advocate for the elderly, planning for their care and handling some of the most common issues individuals face at the end of their lives, such as:

  • Estate planning

  • End of life care

  • Disposing of assets according to the senior citizen’s wishes.

Common Issues Handled by a Local Elder Law Attorney

Medicaid Trust

Individuals sometimes consider transferring their assets into a “Medicaid” trust in order to qualify for Medicaid, which makes paying for long-term care much more affordable. As your elder law lawyer will explain, the individuals retain the rights to all income and interest from the trust, but that they may never receive or benefit from the trust principal. 

This enables an individual to preserve capital while still qualifying for Medicaid, and is a frequent service an elder law firm helps individuals to arrange. 

It’s important to keep in mind that while a Medicaid Trust prohibits the trust maker to benefit from the principal, it allows the trust maker to distribute the principal to their beneficiaries. Many trust makers choose to maintain the right to alter their beneficiaries through reappointing assets to different family members at a later date.  

The details of Medicaid Trusts can be difficult to untangle, which is why you want an experienced elder law attorney near you to help you navigate this agreement.

Making Gifts

If an individual doesn’t want a Medicaid Trust, they may gift their assets and then apply for Medicaid. However, there are specific legal avenues to take in order to make gifts, and that requires careful estate planning a local elder law attorney can help ensure. 

Protecting Assets

There are multiple options individuals can employ in order to protect their assets in a trust. An elder care attorney specializes in helping protect individuals’ property and assets, and when the stakes are that high, it’s important to seek out only the best. 

Is the Elder Law Attorney Cost Justified?

Planning for your future care and distribution of assets is not easy. An elder law attorney from a reputable firm works for the senior citizen’s best interests. These interests are put into enforceable documents that comply with local laws and cannot be invalidated.

Making mistakes in setting up a Medicaid Trust, for instance, can leave you exposed to the risk of being disqualified and having to repay important amounts of money. You can avoid all these issues for a nominal fee if you hire an experienced local elder law attorney.

We Are Legal Advocates for the Elderly

Miller Law Firm helps individuals mindfully and intentionally arrange their legal affairs for later in life. 

We’re here to serve you wherever you may be, and we have several offices throughout Pennsylvania, serving: 

  • King of Prussia, PA 
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Take charge of your estate, protect your assets, and give an experienced elder law attorney at Miller Law Firm, PC a call at 855-936-3886 today!

How Can We Best Serve You?

When it comes to estate planning, elder care law and other legal services, you deserve undivided personal attention and that’s exactly what you will get from us.

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