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There are many different types of guardianship based on how long it will last and who the ward is. Miller Law Firm can meet all your guardianship lawyer needs in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

If you are looking to become a legal guardian, you need a guardianship lawyer.  There is a lot that goes into the process of determining guardianship of a child, so having an attorney to help you navigate the paperwork and legal proceedings is vital.  Miller Law Firm provides professional guardianship services and probate attorney services in eastern Pennsylvania and Framingham, Massachusetts.

What is legal guardianship?  Most children are the legal guardians of their parents.  If these people cannot take care of the kids for some reason, another guardian is put in place by the court.  Minors are not the only people who can be wards.  Adults with special needs and the elderly sometimes also require guardians to help them make medical and financial decisions.

Types of Guardianship

Temporary Guardianship

A court may appoint a temporary guardian for a foster child or someone whose normal caretaker is sick or injured.  It may change into a different type of guardianship or end after the issue resolves.

Adult Guardianship

Adults with certain special needs require help with the daily tasks of living.  Because of this, they need a legal guardian to look out for and make decisions for them.  

Permanent Guardianship

As the name suggests, this is when the court grants you full custody forever.  Permanent guardianship is very difficult to change or revoke.

Emergency Guardianship

If a child or other ward faces an emergency where there is no one to take care of them, a temporary guardian is given custody until the problem is fixed.

Elderly Guardianship

Some people require another adult to take care of their medical and financial needs when they get older. In this case, they will be placed under the care of a guardian.

If you need professional guardianship services, Miller Law Firm can help.  Make an appointment today in King of Prussia, PA, Lebanon/Lancaster, PA, or Framingham, MA.   



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