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Conservatorship can be an emotional and tedious process for your loved ones. Make sure that you make the right decision by consulting expert conservatorship lawyers. Contact Miller Law Firm now in Pennsylvania.

When it comes to planning your and your loved one’s future, you always need to take extra care because it concerns your health and usage of your entire life savings. Miller Law Firm has a team of conservatorship attorneys that will provide you with a personalized plan that is legally foolproof. Our professional probate attorney will ensure that your will is executed successfully as per your instructions.

What Is Conservatorship?

Suppose a situation arises when you are deemed unfit by the authorities to make the right decision for yourself. Conservatorship is the legal process during this time in which the court authorizes one or more persons to manage your finances and take care of your physical needs. 

The court may also decide to grant an emergency conservatorship or a permanent conservatorship, depending on whether the situation demands immediate action to ensure the protection of your health and wealth. 

How To Get Conservatorship?

The adult conservatorship process involves filing a petition with the court. The court then conducts a proper investigation before declaring their decision. It is not possible to obtain custody of an unfit adult without following the proper steps, even if it is for an urgent or temporary medical conservatorship. 

What Is Conservatorship?

You can always refer to the various Statutes of Pennsylvania  to find out the detailed steps required to be followed to get a voluntary conservatorship. However, it is always advisable that you consult conservatorship lawyers to ensure compliance with all the rules.

Should I Speak To An Estate Planning Attorney?

Conservatorship attorneys provide you the proper guidance ideal for your situation. As a parent, you can consult our estate planning attorney to prepare a durable power of attorney in favor of your child, provided he or she is not minor, to ensure they get to make the right decisions for you, both medically and financially, in case the need arises.

Your Trusted Conservatorship Lawyer

Miller Law Firm’s expertise ensures that your wills are followed to the letter. You can visit our offices in King of Prussia, PA, and Lebanon, PA. Our service areas include:

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Additionally, we serve Wayne, PA, Phoenixville, PA, and Plymouth Meeting, PA as well. Contact Steven Miller today to get consultation or learn more about our services.

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When it comes to estate planning, elder care law, and other legal services, you deserve personal attention, and that’s exactly what we will provide you with.

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