Professional Tax Attorney Services in PA

Professional Tax Attorney Services in PA

Miller Law Firm PC was founded by an attorney specializing in elder law who is always ready to become your trusted local tax attorney and help you plan your finances according to IRS rules.

Handling the legal issues surrounding taxes has become so confusing and complicated that navigating these issues requires the help of an experienced, full-time tax attorney. While it can be tempting to handle tax issues on your own, the risk you’re taking is enormous. If you don’t seek out the help of seasoned tax lawyers, like the elder law attorney at Miller Law Firm, you could find yourself in the hands of the IRS. 

One simple mistake, which a professional local tax attorney would easily avoid, can get you in legal and financial trouble. And you do not want this, either for your business or for your family. A consultation with a property tax lawyer at our firm can help you plan your business and personal taxes, make estate arrangements and be 100% on the side of the most recent local and federal tax laws.

What Can a Local Tax Attorney Do for You?

A real estate tax attorney is your best choice if you need advice and planning for your property, assets and business affairs. Tax lawyers know the local law and can help you with:

Tax Code Knowledge

Tax codes on the local, state, and federal level are constantly changing. If you run a business, you don’t have time to sift through the dynamic tax codes, tax breaks, and newly enforced rules. This means you can end up in deep trouble with the IRS by failing to adapt to new tax laws. Experience specialists from our tax law firm can help you avoid these misunderstandings altogether. 

Filing and Maximizing Returns

A local tax attorney will help individuals and companies properly and promptly file taxes in order to comply with federal and local requirements. 

In the event that individuals or companies miss their tax deadline, the property tax lawyer can help file for an extension in order to avoid or, even worse, jail time. 

Mediating IRS Relations

Talking to the IRS can be intimidating, especially if you’re in trouble with them. A local tax attorney can help mediate and facilitate these conversations in order to maintain a professional appearance.  

People can also easily make an offhand remark to the IRS that is actually self-incriminating, or perhaps even false. This is why the tax attorney cost is a wise investment – a lawyer will help ensure this doesn’t happen, and that everything is handled promptly and professionally. 

Protecting Payments & Assets

A real estate tax attorney knows how to protect your assets and income through several means, including: 

  • Initializing settlement agreements with the IRS
  • Filing for an Offer In Compromise (OIC) with the IRS to settle any outstanding debts 
  • Change current status of debt to Currently Not Collectable (CNC) status 
  • Arrange various payment methods for settling your debt. 

Miller Law Firm Is the Best Tax Attorney near You!

Miller Law Firm helps individuals protect themselves from the IRS, protect their assets, and rectify any legal issues they may have with the IRS. 

A professional local tax attorney will always help you wherever you may be, and we have several offices throughout Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, serving: 

  • King of Prussia, PA 
  • Lebanon, PA 
  • Lancaster, PA 
  • Reading, PA 

Take control of your tax and your relationship with the IRS. Give Miller Law Firm, PC a call at 855-936-3886 and schedule a consultation with an experienced tax attorney! 

How Can We Best Serve You?

When it comes to estate planning, elder care law and other legal services, you deserve undivided personal attention and that’s exactly what you will get from us.

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