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Miller Law Firm PC is ready to provide an experienced local probate attorney to any family in need of legal advice and support in the period when they distribute the estate of a deceased person.

Luckily, most people won’t need to hire lawyers very frequently. But in the event of probate planning, it is crucial that you hire an experienced elder law attorney who will execute your will to the letter of the law.  

Once an individual is deceased, the only things that dictate where an individual’s assets are allocated are their will and their probate attorney. Therefore, without proper estate planning and the proper lawyer, an individual’s assets are left to be divided by the state. This can lead to litigation, putting the assets in special administration – which can be avoided by hiring a probate law firm.

Experience and legal knowledge are everything for a probate law attorney when executing a will. Miller Law Firm has the experience and the knowledge to help you with all of your probate needs. Throughout Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, our probate law firm has helped hundreds of clients ensure their wills are carried out and their families are taken care of after they pass. 

What Does a Local Probate Attorney Do?

An estate probate attorney helps to facilitate the legal process that is initiated when someone dies. 

Often called estate attorneys, family probate lawyers help ensure all necessary matters after death are handled correctly, and in a timely manner. 

A family probate attorney handles a variety of things, including:

  • Collecting any life insurance policy payouts 

  • Identifying and properly securing estate assets

  • Arranging appraisals for the property of the deceased 

  • Streamlining payment of any remaining bills and debts

  • Preparing and filing all required documents

  • Calculating estate or inheritance taxes (if any), and ensuring sure those debts are paid promptly

  • Resolving any remaining income tax issues

  • Administering the estate checking account 

  • Transferring appropriate assets to the declared beneficiaries

  • Making a final disbursement of assets to beneficiaries after all bills and taxes have been paid.

Thus, the probate attorney cost is more than justified for any grieving family. With proper planning and execution according to local law, the attorney can complete this unpleasant, but necessary process in a short time. The family will have the time to adjust to the new circumstances and mourn their loved one, while the probate law firm does its best to fulfill the deceased person’s wishes.

Do I Really Have to Add a Probate Lawyer Cost to the Legal Process?

While there are certainly people out there that advocate for handling probate themselves, handling probate planning issues on your own means you’re taking an extremely high risk. If mishandled, entire estates can be left to the courts to distribute. This may lead to additional expenses, the decedent’s wishes not being fulfilled and animosity between family members.

Is this risk really worth the menial savings? Don’t leave it to chance - call in an experienced estate probate attorney at Miller Law Firm PC.

Your Family Probate Attorneys

Miller Law Firm PC has years of experience helping individuals and families plan for probate by ensuring their wills are executed to the letter of the law. 

We’re here to help, and we serve the following areas:

  • King of Prussia, PA 
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  • Reading, PA 

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